Wednesday, September 28, 2005

About Floods... Dioxin... and People...

Along the Tittabawassee River at Festival Park...
Festival Park ramp flooded at certainly wouldn't want to walk down to the bottom step today. See the steps up toward top of the photo? The only thing worse would be if you were in a wheelchair on the ramp closest to us. Ya' just might get a tad wet, don'tcha think?

Here's how it looked two weeks ago... click for picture. Oh yes! Did you see how dry it was? Part of the ramp is under water - parallel with the ramp we can see. I don't wanna go there with MY wheelchair!
Yup, there's a ramp/walkway under all that water!

Who is 'the bad guy' here... Dow? Mother Nature? the contractor? I'll tell you... none of the above! Dam operators at Sanford and Edenville regulate the dams - not for benefit of anybody below the dams - only for their own benefit! They regulate those dams to maintain a 'perfect' level for residents on the lakes.

They like to keep their lakes high even during periods of drought. That's when you can walk across the Tittabawassee River. Then when the rains come and water gets so high that Sanford and Edenville residents might be flooded, or even made uncomfortable with water up around their docks, the dams let loose! That's when we get it - all that water with all that goes with it. In my humble opinion, the dam operators are not good neighbors. Sic 'em, DEQ!!! Sic 'em, all you econutz!

How's the UM study going? Latest thing I read was from the Jackson Citizen Patriot... Dioxin study results expected in summer - written by Paul Fletcher, published Friday, September 23. I met another person who was involved with that test here along the river. She said she had received data from U of M about the dust in her home but wasn't sure what it means. There's a lot of that going around. When this started, it seemed far away... but it now seems like 2006 will soon be here. It's just a couple of seasons away. When all results are in next summer we should get a full explanation of the University of Michigan study of the relationship between amounts of dioxin in our environment and the amounts in our bodies.


Lyyane Lake said...

I have for years talked to those individuals including Lone Tree Council out of Bay City about the soils taken right beside Dow Chemical at the Gordonville/Saginaw Rd location.

This is all floodplain and floodway and CONTAMINATED SOILS just down river from Dow and Dow Corning.

These soils are all over the yards and lawns of Midland residents far removed from the Tittabawassee River.

Thousands of tons of topsoil and sand was taken from many acres of land all along the river front and spread across the front yards of the million dollar homes in and around Mildand - of course it was spread over many homes and yards of NON million dollar homes also.

The City of Midland is well aware of this also as should be many of the residents.

Why is this knowledge not well known?

I have testified to this despite the fact our City Council would like nothing more than to pretend no one has spoken.

DEQ/DNR they too are well aware but again are silent on the matter.

Permits?? Check it out. Who owned the land and how many companies trucked excavated soils? Where did they truck them to??

Are we looking at health problems and only looking at those close to the river or on the river front proper? Are statistics being gathered and compared to the area or state/national levels?

Ask the Lone Tree Council for answers - Ask the City Council and the Midland County Commissioners - Ask Dow Chemical - Ask the excavators and land owners.

Will you be a person who askes questions or the one that stays in the dark. Tell Midland you want full disclosure.

sherle said...

Wow! You know, I'm not sure the soil went where you think it did... I'm sure MDEQ would be listening to you if it did!