Saturday, September 10, 2005

Health Department Says it's SAFE to eat some fish in Tittabawassee River...

Yes, you read it correctly! The information in my headline exists in the same article from the Detroit Free Press that is published under the following headline... State warns of high dioxin levels in some Tittabawassee River Fish I guess it's all about what you care to emphasize, eh?

I especially like the statement:
'The agency's Division of Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology and the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry estimated that the average consumer in the region consumed one meal of Tittabawassee River fish per month, while frequent consumption was estimated to be five to seven meals per month.'
Where do they get THAT information? I know a fair amount of people and to my knowledge most of them get their fish in the supermarket! In reality, you don't see very many residents running down to the riverside to catch supper.

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