Thursday, September 08, 2005

yesterday's news

Ohmigosh! I haven't blogged here since last Friday! How time flies when one is taking care of business. Don't give up on me; I am still here, only with a double schedule. Hopefully this will slow down a bit. I'm not morbid... I'm not depressed... and I'm certainly not deliriously happy, but getting along very well, thank you very much. Hope y'all bear with me while I get up to speed. Friends and family phone frequently... I guess wanting to be sure to be there for me when reality hits. For all who care, I find much comfort in one of the readings during the memorial service for Frank last week. I read it often, I think about it, I believe it, and I share it here with you... Togetherness.

I've been reading when I can, just not writing as often. One of the things I read in the Midland Daily News a couple of days ago - Our view: Get on with forming a dioxin committee. Amen! I agree 150%!!! Not sure what sort of accomplishments are expected of such a committee, not really sure of the necessity, but apparently MDEQ wants it and if that's part of the remediation plan, I guess I'll have to say, let's do it!

The Saginaw News same day featured an article about the new Festival Park - Park design goes deep. It's a beautiful thing - the park, that is. The article by Jeremiah's pretty good too. Stop by and see the park - even though you can't get in without permission from the Township office! Frank & I were just photographing from the bridge with telephoto lenses. I'll share more photos here soon. We took loads of photos already! I just haven't had time to post them on the Yahoo photo album. I don't have pics with the new docks in place however... yet. Given a few quiet moments I might get more photos early next week.

Oh yeah... then there's that thing in the Saginaw News about the folks in Zilwaukee comparing our little dioxin controversy with the disaster in Louisiana. Duh! Get real, people! What's happening right now in New Orleans involves really serious toxins - animal waste, human waste, and all kinds of bacteria that really CAN kill you!
I must admit I might not want the stink from dredged out river silt in my back yard either, but really... the dioxin that would be dumped there would not be able to sneak out in the night and creep over to your house... really!

I remain strong, healthy and motivated in the Tittabawassee River floodplain. Oh yes, I just want to say, 'Hi Mom! I love you.' I know you're never going to be 'into' computers but Don (or Sue), you'll share this with her, won't you?

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