Thursday, September 15, 2005

Judge Borrello Hears Arguments Concerning Dioxin Class Action Suit.

...but it's not over yet. The hearing will continue tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Here's what I saw today...
  • The new tort lawyer replacing the convicted child predator our local econutz originally hired is a real go-getter, only I'm not sure she knows what she's trying to go and get.
  • There was an overload of out-of-town lawyers on both sides of the issue. Who do YOU suppose is going to come out on top in this fiasco? The lawyers??? Ya think?
  • Our local media people were there - television, radio and newspapers. Michelle Heard-Rhetoric sat in back in a chair, no less (not the benches), occasionally chattering to the newsfolks.
  • Oh yeah! Michelle Heard-Rhetoric - what the heck was she doing there? She is NEITHER litigant NOR resident of any floodplain defined during the process today.
  • At various times somewhere between 8 and a dozen litigants were present. They kept walking in and out of the courtroom during the session.
  • A few assorted other people stopped in briefly to see what was happening, including a couple of people from Dow's legal department.
  • A rather large older fellow, with balding grey hair held back in a teeny tiny pony tail (???) with a green rubberband was there. He told me he and his family members live with a variety of illnesses - all of which he blames on the dioxin in his yard. He sat behind me in the morning session but grabbed an up-closer seat in the afternoon. (That's how I noticed the ridiculous hair-do!) He had a lawyer with him - I'm guessing a local rooky. Turns out this was the other litigant that will potentially be included in the big class action suit.
  • Me. I was there because I am one of the approximately 2000 people the litigants want to drag along in their lawsuit. Besides, if I didn't attend, how would you know what's really happening there?

This thing should be concluded tomorrow... hopefully by noon. The attorneys decided not to call any witnesses. Shucks, that was part of the reason I was there. Anyway, I'll update you tomorrow. I just feel deep down in my heart that Judge Borrello is a man that can sort through all the BS (Big Stories) in a fair manner. That's why he's the judge, right?

A couple of days ago I read about the bully bureaucrats in MDEQ in this article titled: Soccer Club wetlands bill: $723,000. Just another example of the way MDEQ beats down ordinary residents with their appointed power. Read the reader opinions! One of them is from a relatively new resident who says Michigan's DEQ is like no other in their misuse of power!

and then I found this delightful little piece written by a college kid - "All the junk that's fit to debunk". God love her. With kids like this our future may be in good hands after all.

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