Thursday, September 08, 2005

more motivation for the previous blog entry...

..came from my good buddy Bill who pointed out yesterday's Saginaw News article - Zilwaukee dredge site opponents lining up backers - in which the environutz compared the flooding in Louisiana with the Saginaw River. Gotta share what he said... so true:
'The extremists have gone off the deep end (pun intended) with comparing the dredging project risks to the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. So, they're saying that a pile of dioxin contaminated dredge materials is capable of killing thousands of people in a matter of days, yet a direct super mega dose of the pure stuff, pinpointed directly at one nation's president digesting it, results in some zits. What an insult to the bona-fide seriousness of the Katrina disaster and the tragedy of that area's residents needs.'
Thanks Bill, hope you don't mind me sharing these wise words! Love ya!

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