Thursday, August 25, 2005

Build it and They Will Come...

...Are there tadpoles in our future?
Remember the little fella (or gal?) I showed you last week? Yesterday, the second one showed up... a bit bigger than the first. Today they were here again, only now they are together!

Welcome to my little piece of Wildlife Wonderland. These critters are only the latest. We've had the bunnies, birds, snakes, chipmunks and assorted other creatures forever! All we needed was the little pond. I'm thinking next year we will have to build a bigger one. This one already gets crowded when the birds stop by for their baths or the chipmunks stop by to drink. Why do we have all these creatures? ...because when we retired in 1986 we decided we wanted to create a little wildlife haven in our yard - and so it looks like we did, eh?

Please be patient. I'm working on my version of yesterday's meeting... it will come.

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