Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dioxin Lawsuit... and more!...

Just heard it on WEYI TV25: Lawyers met yesterday behind closed doors to discuss the dioxin lawsuit with Judge Borrello. A hearing is now scheduled for September 15 to determine if the lawsuit should be a class action.

Will they try to include all 2000+ residents along the Tittabawassee River floodplain? Will they decide to only include the ~400 residents listed as 'priority 1' and according to Mr. Chester's new definition, the only residents living in a 'facility?' I hope somebody in the local news gets more information on this 'closed door' meeting.

Now the 'regularly scheduled' blog for today. Somehow a letter to the editor made it to my g-mail newsfeed: Michigan agency should be helpful instead of a hindrance - - The writer discusses in detail the time it takes to get a permit from Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality. It concerns a permit request begun in 2003 in Escanaba. Believe it or not, DEQ personnel vaccilated back & forth, saying do this... and do that... and ended up denying the permit! Ms. Granholm, are you listening? Instead of spending taxpayer money on multiple trips to exotic countries, perhaps you should pay attention to the way MDEQ is pushing jobs away!

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