Thursday, August 11, 2005

More about dioxin lawsuit #2...

..from the Midland Daily News - No. 2 dioxin suit similar, but different. So says Kathie. After reading how these unfortunates were frightened into staying out of their backyard after 30 years living there, I just had to respond to that article on line:
'Unbelievable!!! A bureaucratic demagogue makes a declaration based on inane
assumptions and a family changes their whole way of life overnight. I don't
know who is more ridiculous... the bureaucrat or the homeowner! The
litigants should be suing MDEQ, for heavens sake. They obviously had no
problem until DEQ said so.'
An FYI for anybody planning to sit in the courtroom to observe progress of these lawsuits, the litigants' website yesterday announced that August 23 is unavailable to Judge Borrello so the thing is once again postponed.

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sherle said...

Until Kathie from MDN told me, I didn't know Jan Helder quit the firm working for the Henrys last year. Thanks Kathie! ;-)