Monday, August 22, 2005

More on the signs...

How I missed the Bay City Times article? Who knows! Our priority had to do with a big photo shoot for another grandchild's high school graduation pictures... the second for this year. How many grandpas are invited to take such important photos? My husband Frank is a genius with the camera!

You need to read this article by Jeff Kart in the Bay City Times, Fish advisory signs to go up along Saginaw River published last Thursday, August 18. Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing out this article.

pic of FACILITY license plateActually, Dow has put the money for signs in an account and the state will actually place them where data indicates the need. What will the signs say? I'm thinking something like, 'This park is a facility of Dow Chemical.' Then it would match my backyard designation! Of course DEQ only extrapolated 'facts' in their zeal to designate my backyard a facility. Nobody knows if there really is any dioxin back there!

What's next? I'm thinking it's time for the new license plate! Note to Governor Granholm: Since you began your international travels, Michigan jobs have decreased! Perhaps it's time to focus on homeowner's rights, eh?

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