Tuesday, August 09, 2005

DEQ Employees Are Human Too...

..and according to the Saginaw News, Senator Goschka and Congressman Moolenaar both contend the original 'facility' document was sent out by an individual in MDEQ who was not authorized to do so. Read Jeremiah Stettler's article, Legislators, DEQ spat over brochure for details. Although MDEQ officials told the press this is not true, they mostly used statements like - '...he doubts that a department mailing of that magnitude could occur without anyone else knowing' and '..almost impossible..' - the usual CYB (cover your butt) words. They will not say absolutely because Senator Goschka knows who did it!

Want my read on this? Working for the Department of Environmental Quality does not make you infallible although some people may believe it does. They are human too, just like the rest of us... going to work every day and trying to do their jobs. Some of the folks who work there are environmentalists. What's wrong with that? Nothing! I'm an environmentalist myself... and I could give you many examples of my personal environmental involvement, but not now.

Not all environmentalists believe the same thing. Some environmentalists have bigger fears than others. Some are less rational on topics of interest to them... for whatever reasons. No matter how 'busy' these people are, they cannot possibly be too busy to further their own interests. Since people choose friends with similar interests it's only natural that people working for DEQ would have friends outside of work who are interested in environmental issues. Like my momma used to say, 'Birds of a feather flock together.' It just makes sense that a person with strong beliefs in an issue would try to do what they can for their cause, if at all possible.

It is entirely possible and even probable for a MDEQ employee to push his/her personal agenda and I believe Senator Goschka because I know he is an honest man!

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